Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Co-Director, Neuroscience and Behavior Program

Graduate Programs:

Integrative Biology and Neuroscience (FAU/Max Planck)

Integrative Biology (FAU)


Florida Atlantic



University of Nevada


2011-2015 Reno, Nevada


Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Graduate Programs:

Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB)

Cellular Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology (CMPP)



2007-2011 New York, New York


Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biology

Laboratory of Justin Blau, PhD

Supported by a postdoctoral NRSA from the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences




New York University


Institute for Molecular Pathology
2006-2007 Vienna, Austria


Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biology

Laboratory of Barry Dickson, PhD

Supported by a Human Frontiers Long Term Research Fellowship



Medical School
2002-2006 Worcester, Massachusetts


PhD,  Department of Neurobiolgy

Laboratory of Scott Waddell, PhD

Supported by a predoctoral NRSA from the National Institutes of Mental Health



1999-2002 Amherst Massachusetts


B.S. in Biology, Neuroscience Concentration

        minor in Anthropology, Human evolution

Laboratory of Eric S. Corp, PhD and George N. Wade, PhD